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Cai Mason Carothers was born September 1st, 2006 at 9:46am. He weighed 6lbs 14oz
Fresh out of the Oven
All cleaned up
My little Burrito
Fresh out of the oven.
All cleaned up.
Goes good with queso.
small product photo
Me with Mommy
First time in car seat.
Daddy loves me.
Mommy loves me.
So they decided to keep me, and take me home.

I didn't do much the first week.
Took naps with Daddy.
Tried on all my little clothes.
Grandma Wilson
With Uncle Chase
Got to meet Grandma Wilson
And Grandma Carothers
Uncle Chase

I like to eat.
I said, I LIKE TO EAT!
I did NOT say wash me!
Grandpa Sam
I passed the Grandpa Carothers inspection.
It's a keeper.
I love my Grandpa Wilson

I passed his inspection too.
Woo! I'm spent.
Great Grandmas are awesome!
I love my Great Grandpa
Super star.
I like to nap with Daddy when he gets home from work.

I am always the center of attention.
The kitties like me too!
Grandma Kathy
Big Yawn
I have a good Mommy.
Daddy shows that he too can nap anytime, anyplace.

I got to meet another Great Grandma!

Napping with Mommy

Baths are not so bad anymore.

They help me relax.
I like my mobile.


Is it me or are my clothes getting smaller?

Hangin out in my chair

Happy Halloween!


Belly time

My uncle Mark gave me a sweet robe.

Please Help Me


Momma's Boy

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